First Comes Love

Blake and Sarah sitting in a tree


First comes love…

love photo

Then comes marriage…

marriage photo

Then comes the baby in the baby carriage!

ultrasound 14 weeks

Baby Bigorowski due March 4, 2014


If a tree falls in the forest…

and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

The answer is yes! With that, I’d like to introduce our backyard.

Our neighborhood is wooded and very much reminds me of where I grew up…except there are definitely more towering pine trees here in Georgia than there are in Michigan.

When we first toured our home, we took one look at the back yard and knew there was major work to be done. Much of it could be done in time, but we had at least 20 trees in the backyard and by the looks of it, not all of them were healthy. During our due diligence period, I met with 4 tree removal companies and while the quotes varied greatly, the diagnosis was still the same: 7 trees had to go. We found out in years past that these trees had been a buffet for many ants and other “critters” and now were hallow. And if I learned anything throughout this process, it’s that a hollow tree means trouble! The biggest worry was the largest tree in our backyard, the closest to our house AND with a very worrisome lean. More about that tree at the end of this post. Hang in there…trust me, it’ll be worth it!

In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at these trees.

This is our backyard before…








Say “Hi” to Jay, our wonderful tree specialist, just hangin’ out



Blake surveying the work

And now the Pièce de résistance…here is the video of the largest tree coming down. This tree needed all the limbs cut one by one. The picture taken of Jay is in this tree.

So, are you curious with what we did with all that firewood? Well, let’s just say that we won’t be cold this upcoming winter.

Guestroom Reveal!

Between November and today, we have done so much to our house! From yard work to painting (seriously we should own stock in Behr!) to the great Sofa Fiasco of 2013, there is much to show and tell, but I want to start with our guest room. This is an important room for us as we hope it will host many visitors for years to come!



I’m so happy with how this room turned out! What do you think? Do you like it?

Let me tell you more about the changes:

We started off by painting. That was a wipe out! We painted the walls, trim and ceiling. Oddly, the trim was originally painted the same color as the walls, so we had to fix that. Doesn’t the wall color look fabulous against the white trim? The blue color we selected is called “Paris” by Behr. I wanted a color similar to a color I used in one of my apartment bedrooms in college, but this color is more blue.

Next, Blake installed the ceiling fan and ripped out the carpet. We don’t care for carpet, so it had to go! Luckily, all of the bedrooms had hardwood floors underneath so we just need to refinish the floors at some point.

The white bedroom furniture (dresser and night stands) I had in college. We repainted them and installed the oil rubbed bronze hardware that were bought years ago but never installed. My uncle had the bed headboard/footboard at the cabin, but gave it to us when he upgraded from a full to a queen. That got a fresh coat of paint too!

The mirror, glass shelf and cart were in our bathroom previously. The bistro table was re-purposed from our past apartment balconies. New pillows from Tuesday Morning freshen up the bedding.





Henry and Rosie say “we hope to see you soon, we will keep the bed warm until then!”


Here we go!

Welcome to my blog! I’m so excited to share with you more about our life as Mr. & Mrs. Big! We have been married almost 5 years and just purchased our first home last fall. With so many of our family and friends back in Michigan, I hope this will be a wonderful way to share the latest news in our life, especially all the home improvements (and sometimes challenges) we have conquered along the way!

So let’s get started!